We’ve Been Poopataged

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I debated as to whether or not I should actually admit to this story or not. It is graphic, I will conjure smells with my words and if you have a weak constitution you should probably not read on.

It is funny and kind of crazy at the same time. Sounds like me – doesn’t it?

It all started this afternoon when daddy came home for lunch and asked rather innocently what was all over our son’s feet in the car excersaucer (I hope JJ isn’t reading this  – she is the one with whom I traded a bottle of Captain Morgan’s for an excersaucer). Hmmm let’s see… brown, definitely gooey and bringing my face in a little closer – incredibly smelly! OMG it’s poop!

Yes sadly his little piggies were sloshing around in poop like wet sand at the beach and can you believe I hadn’t noticed? The weird thing was I had smelled something randy yesterday afternoon and promptly blamed it on Nico the dog. She is getting old and I thought maybe her hygene was wanting but NEVER in a MILLION years thought to look at the base of the excersaucer.

So of course our minds went wild. Not to get into too much detail but we went through a number of scenarios that included angry neighbours (maybe our dog was pooping on their lawns and they wanted to send a clear message) to disgruntled tenants (one of them had just recently besmirched a roommates car door with some poop so maybe it was him). Yes it had to be him! Damn him, that sick bastard – how could he do this to us?! I’m calling the cops!

And then I inspected the seat a little more closely  – eewwwwww

And then yesterday’s onesie – double eeeewwwwwwwwww

And then I was thankful that the only person I acted like a crazy woman to was my friend Sandi who I emailed in disbelief when it happened.

What we have finally determined (after careful and calm examination) is that we were the victims of a sneaky poop that through all the jostling up and down must have blown right out of the side of the diaper and landed on the footbed of the toy.

Good thing I did not call the cops!! Can you imagine that call?  ‘Umm.. yes Officer, my one son pooped out the side of his diaper and my other son stepped in it’ …..Or maybe ’someone planted a poop under my son’s feet when I wasn’t looking!’  Anyway you slice it, it spells: C R A Z Y   L A D Y

Told you .  I am laughing so hard right now, I might just poop myself too!

I am going to spare you photos of this episode but I will include these two incredibly cute photos of the boys with their new little linen pants Grandmother Inga brought us from Latvia.