We Made It!

Posted by on Sep 18, 2011 in Mom Musings | No Comments

No worse for wear we have been through our first flight, car rental and are happily visiting Grandpa. The flight was not exactly easy but it wasn’t a complete horror show which is what I envisioned at the outset of this journey. No dirty looks, I didn’t have to use the bribe candy I brought and even the airplane washroom diaper change didn’t go too badly. The circus act I had to pull to use the bathroom myself was the hardest part of the trip! Needless to say I am not wearing pants you need to button and zip on the way back and no belts!! Very hard with one hand…

Ears didn’t even seem to bother the boys. They were asleep for the beginning of the decent and whined a bit but we were ready with bottles in hand and got these into them before the real ear popping began. The only crying was Karl’s little anti sleep tantrum which lasted about 3 minutes. Not bad! I am calling it a success.

Since we have been at Grandpas’s nothing but smiles and laughs for everyone coming and going. I am thinking we have some very social boys on our hands. Who knew?? The attention is well received from my great friends who came to visit and helped us amass the plethora of baby stuff required for even a short visit and Grandpa and Uncle Joe have charmed the boys for sure.

Short trip but so glad we we able to do it! It is refreshing to bring joy We are enjoying our last afternoon, evening and then it is off to the airport again tomorrow morning for the trip home. Here’s to hoping the trip home goes even smoother than the trip out and I will write more and post more photos once we are all settled again.

I am going to leave you with a few photos of the boys on their first plane trip.