Wake Up and Pinch Myself

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Mom Musings, The Boys, Twins | 5 Comments

Some days I wake up and pinch myself that I have kids. There are times I can hardly believe my luck which may sound strange but for so many years luck was against us and having a family was perilously out of reach. We almost gave up. I could get all mushy about it but I’ll just say that I thank myself daily that we didn’t.

I recently read a blog post that I am not going to share because although it would probably be entertaining for you and most definitely funny; because of where I am and how I got here… not so much. I guess for those whose families came easy it feels OK to complain bitterly about whiny needy kids being kids but for me it just feels like bad Karma.

I know I’m not really at the ‘being peppered with the Mommy questions yet’ stage and maybe I will be singing a different tune when I get there but for now I am going to revel in the marvel that is my two boys. I don’t find them annoying or difficult and I don’t mind saying so.

Looking after them can be exhausting and now that I am working outside the home, the responsibilities beyond me are endless but what else would I be doing?! Getting my nails done? Reading a novel? Taking a pottery class? OK I’d love to get out on my bike one of these days and I am sure I will sooner or later but other than a bit of fresh air and exercise, what am I really missing? I remember those days when I thought the most important thing was achieving some level of personal enlightenment while sitting on a Left Bank bench by the River Seine. Everything was meant to be romantic, meaningful and fulfilling in my life. I was going to be cool forever and definitely marry a rock star. Hello Reality.  Admittedly it sucks not being so cool anymore but believe me once these boys get old enough to tell me, I will be officially decreed ‘un cool’ by the two ultimate authorities. That’s a given, so why sweat it.

I sat down today to start a blog post listing differences, attributes and great character traits of the twins (because I always get asked for this!) and I got sidetracked by that whiny woman’s blog post about how crazy her kids make her which in turn made me crazy just reading it. Nevertheless, here’s my first stab at said list. I am sure the boys are going to think this is entertaining when they are older and start peppering me with the questions about what they liked and what they were like as babies – so here goes.

OH and only one more thing: I really miss my dog. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ahhhh… ouch.


Here is my most recent tally of some fun differences between the boys:

Drools like mad Throws up more
Eats fish Eats crayons
Enjoys cuddling more Loves to yell at Pika
Is addicted to videos andSesame Street Runs on his tippie toes
Runs into your arms. Runs the other way as it is a game!
Chills in a catatonic way in front of a video Walks in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down
Has only done a header off the couch once Routinely falls off things on to his head
Eats more of a variety of food Makes a lot of noise while eating something he really enjoys
Stuffs food in his mouth and doesn’t eat it Drinks more milk and juice
Waves hello and goodbye more frequently Loves ‘stuffed animals’ the most and tries to bury his head in anything cushy
Walks off the ledge in the pool right into your arms Tries to leave the pool on his own
Loves to ramble on. Sometimes when things scare him his lip quivers and then he bursts into the saddest tears and needs a very big hug
Usually wakes up first The bigger mimic.
Routinely gets out of his sleep sac and cries bloody blue murder until you put him back in. Used to escape his sleep sac but has recently given up. He must have realized how comfy it really is!
Has long curly locks Has about 1mm of hair!
Hugger More fearless, more independent
Hand (finger) holder Refuses to hold your hand and tries to escape.
Slightly less intense but definitely crankier Stronger physically
Likes to steal whatever his brother has Shares more, especially stuff he shouldn’t have.
Really loves socializing and evidently loud music. Gets more frustrated when trying new things and needs to master them.


  1. Grandmother Inga
    May 6, 2012

    I am so very very happy to read about your happiness!
    Love Vecmamma

  2. Krissy
    May 9, 2012

    Love the list – I think K has been a lounger ever since he was born :))

    • KpS
      May 10, 2012

      I think you are right. Sometimes he just sits down and veges (sp?) to sesame street and it is hilarious.

  3. Grammy
    May 12, 2012

    I am so glad you and Toby persevered against the odds….the boys are beautiful, funny, charming and perfectly delightful to be with….can you tell I’m a prejudiced grandmother???? You are wonderful parents…..and I wish you a very happy well-deserved Mother’s Day. And definitely Karl is the vegger….even lounges in his high chair!

    • KpS
      May 22, 2012

      We are too! Thanks so much. Karl was not feeling well over the weekend and he was the king of the couch! Too funny.