Valentines Thoughts

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With Valentine’s Day upon us I was nonchalantly thinking about what to do, with or without the kids. I mean something other than bring out the Valentines themed dish towels. Check!

As usual, I wasn’t planning on making much of the day one way or the other. Then I remembered the many friends and family who will be sad and stinging on February 14 and I stumbled upon Valentines Thoughts below which I am quoting almost exactly from Oprah Magazine. I know they aren’t all flowery and cute like so many adorable homemade creations shared by the likes of Design Mom but maybe a tad more real for this year. I like them.

Say NO to Sugar
Our cu

lture tells us to mourn being single or rejoice in couplehood by gobbling half a pound of fudge. How about instead of drowning our emotions in chocolate, go out with friends and do something geeky like swap awkward-first-date stories.

Donate to Victims of Domestic Violence
There is a dark side to love, and it leaves too many women and children in dire straits. The author of the article says that she collects little shampoos from hotel stays and drops them off regularly at a shelter. Not a bad idea!

Wear Red
Instead of sticking to staple blacks and grays for February, how about painting the town red?  It’s definitely a woman power colour and as a bonus it is festive when we need to combat the February Blahs.

Grow your own roses
This simply won’t work for most of us in northern climates but did you know that most flowers are sprayed with toxic pesticides, then flown thousands of miles, only to die in day? Makes you think twice about those dozen or so long stems.

Some things to think about at the very least! I do have to come clean though – if someone (and we all know who that someone is) brings chocolate anywhere in my vicinity I plan on eating it.