My Sock Bun Revelation

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My Sock Bun Revelation

I don’t know about you but I am always fussing and fuming about what to do with my hair, especially now that I have to be seen in public every day. My hair has been a topic of conversation in my life for as long as I can remember. In fact I think it was the object of some obsession – not by me but for some reason when I was a child my mother had it in her head that I wasn’t going to have any hair on my head so it became a big topic of discussion! Seems' nothing has changed…

In high school I died it strange colors, I grew rat tails, got perms and treated it rudely. In college I let it grow and grow and grow and stopped fussing until the grays started to come in and horror of horrors I needed ‘root jobs’.

Since the boys have come into my life I no longer have the 4+ hours to spend at the salon and even find it hard to ‘get a box’ (for those of you who don’t know: this refers to buying drug store hair dye and doing it yourself!). I live in denial and just hope that no one notices the gray– ha!

So hair color is one thing but as I get older and wiser, my hair gets wilder. Why does that happen to your hair but not your disposition? Anyway, the point is this: I don’t have time to make it pretty so I just pin it up. It’s pretty much always in a ponytail.

And then a miracle happened and I can thank other bloggers and good old Pinterest (don't you love Pinterest?!) for this one. I read somewhere that you could create supreme

ly soft, beautiful curls or waves by wearing a sock in your hair at night.

Really I thought? I know it sounds crazy but seriously, it really works! I mean, I have curly hair to begin with but the curls are flyaway and unruly. I followed the instructions, folded the sock into my dampened hair and voila – beautiful curls and bouncy volume the very next day. Not to mention the fact that wearing my hair in a bun on the top of my head is not only great for sleeping but it is also really great for mid night wake ups and diaper changes – no more hair to grab for little hands.

If I ever grow another arm or am organized enough to have a photographer present the next time I do this, I will post before, during and after shots of my own sock bun escapade. You can see the bun on my head but the after shots really need to be taken from the back.

For now you can follow someone else’s sock bun journey to get the hang of doing this for yourself. Or just Google it!

You will never have to wonder if I am curling my hair to get my ‘look’. I am going to literally say I ‘just woke up this way’.