How Quickly a Year Passes

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in The Boys, Twins | 5 Comments

How quickly a year passes.

What I remember of a year ago is so limited, but I will tell you this. I have a very vivid memory of when I was told it was time to bring the boys into the world.

Intellectually I knew it was coming, of course. I was just getting used to this pregnancy thing. That was enough trouble and I was in denial. I couldn’t imagine what birthing two babies could entail, let alone parenting! Denial was keeping me sane and I was not looking forward to letting it go.

So my doctor said ‘go home, pack a bag and we’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow morning’. I said ‘sure thing’ and walked out of the office in a daze.

I wandered to a coffee shop, ordered a latte and a slice of lemon loaf. I wedged my swollen belly under the table and squiggled my ever growing behind into a café seat. I sat there and quietly panicked about the whole thing.

I quietly panicked as long as it takes to sip a latte and eat a piece of lemon loaf. Then I called home, drove back up the mountain and the rest is a mashup of driving in snow, hospitals, pain and ironically a matinee…

Yes! In the middle of being induced the next day, we watched the movie ‘Little Fockers’ which is totally forgettable but what isn’t forgettable for me is a scene in that movie where Robert DeNiro questions his son in law Ben Stiller’s continued attraction to the mother of his grandchildren ‘even after the hellish ordeal of birthing twins’!

Yikes! Not what you want to hear when you are moments from such an ordeal…It was good for a nervous laugh. Now we were both quietly panicking…likely about very different things!!

More on the story of how my babes came into the world another day. For now, here is a photo of the famous Christmas hats. The boys were only a few days old.





  1. Grandmother Inga
    December 15, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your memories of the day the boys were born. It made me remember the evening, night and day that you were born. It was Labour Day weekend and still a hot summer day, when we drove to East General hospital on Sunday evening. I do remember a rather uncomfortable night, but by early Monday morning you had made your entry into this world. Becoming a mother is the most meaningfull and fullfilling moment in a woman’s life, and it makes me very happy that you have also been blessed to experience that joy.

  2. krissy
    December 15, 2011

    I will never forget all of the stories from BOTH of you …… especially sweet are the hats!

  3. KpS
    December 15, 2011

    No idea! Another bug to figure out.

  4. Ruth Tripp
    May 2, 2012

    Hi there! Grammy Judie has turned me onto your wonderful blog and I do thank her so much, and you! There have been times when I’ve discovered more of them and have sat in front of the computer for a few hours! I know, get a life! But your blog is so great and the photos, too. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Judie now sends me the latest blogs that come, but she said there is some way of receiving them automatically when they come out????? I would love it if you cared to clue me in!

    Don’t know how you do it, having a job both at home and at work!

    Ruth Tripp

    • KpS
      May 8, 2012

      Hi Ruth!
      Thanks so much for your comment and I so appreciate you reading my blog! Judie told me you were reading and I am honoured. It is all a labour of love for sure. If you do want to receive a notice when there is a new post, just click on the little envelope on the right of the blog where is says Subscribe/Follow and click on Subscribe by Email. If you put your email address in then whenever there is a new post you will get a notification. Not to worry – your email will not be used for anything else and I don’t post that much so you will not be innundated with emails!
      You have inspired me to get back at it so look for some new posts in the near future.