Down One Organ

Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Health & Beauty, Mom Musings | 2 Comments

I could easily fall into the depths of despair, but I won’t. Not yet. In this past week I underwent minor surgery to have my gallbladder removed. That pesky organ was causing me so much pain and consternation that I literally begged at times, when I was hooked up to IV’s and morphine drips for someone to just cut me open already and get that thing out of me! I meant it.

And then of course when the whole thing subsided and I was able to go home and resume a semi-normal life I forgot about it, even got a little smug about it and convinced myself that it was A) not full of stones and B) not causing me all that much difficulty and most naively C) I would beat it with apple cider vinegar and herbal supplements. 

…And then it would happen again. Husband would get the dreaded call, calling him off the mountain or the ladder or the couch – wherever! Only to find me bundled into a ball somewhere barely holding on to some semblance of lucidity trying to convince the boys I was still ‘mommy’ and still reliable enough to call 911 if THEY needed help. Other than that, I was not capable of much of anything during those attacks and so I finally realized that the prudent thing to do was to grab some kahones and have them remove it.

So I did. Last Thursday I went under the knife and I had them suck that thing right out of me. It was quick but I won’t say painless. At least it is over. After the surgery I got even smugger (I looked this up and it is a word!) and went back to work five days later.

And then, the day I decided to go back to work and sitting peacefully at my desk, I was overcome by an attack that rendered me unfit for society and I almost called an ambulance. In hind sight, maybe I should have but I hate a scene, especially when I am at the centre of it. This stoic behaviour however, is literally getting me nowhere. How on earth could I have a gallbladder attack without a gallbladder?

Elementary my dear, it’s not your gallbladder!


So now we are back at the drawing board and I am down one organ.

On a lighter note, I’ve lost considerable weight in the process. But seriously…




  1. Grandmother Inga
    May 11, 2012

    OMG! That is terrible. So what is causing that pain? Have you been back for a post op?

    • KpS
      May 22, 2012

      Docs think I still had a stone or stone like material in a duct that may have now passed – hope so!