Welcome! I am Kristina Salin.

I created Twins in Tow in June of 2011 as a way to connect my new life as a stay at home mom of two little twin boys to the friends and family who live so far away. My goal was to share family stories and photos but it has grown to be much more than that. It is a nurtured creation that grows, morphs and matures just like my family!

In 2005 I married my Yankee born soul mate. He is my partner in crime, awesome father to the boys and a talented skier and sports photographer. We relocated from Boston to the mountains of British Columbia and I joke that the only reason he married me was to get a free pass to Whistler. He assures me that had nothing to do with it! Ahem.

We live a mountain lifestyle with our twin boys and Pika a Karelian Bear Dog.  We recently lost our older dog Nico who was a local rescue dog although some used to refer to her ‘breed’ as Carabooski.

I am a Landscape Architect and City Planner but I have a varied resume that includes work as an Ombudsman as well as a Construction Manager for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I consult in resort design and development and do residential landscape designs when I am not looking after babes or working at my day job. I’ve been called a copter head (which means I am a bit of a computer geek) but I balance that out with rugged things like skiing, mountain biking and an inner hippy chick that just plain makes me happy when she surfaces. I love art, design and photography which you will plainly see.

I am a new mom at a ripe old age and was lucky enough to have two babes at once. I carried these two for less time than a one baby pregnancy and ended up with two gorgeous boys. 

At heart I am an urbanite. One who happens to live in the middle of nowhere! Our ski town is in a narrow little valley and it is at times, ridiculous but that is half the fun. It has its ups and downs (and no that isn’t meant as a ski reference) or maybe it was – they say unintended punning is a sign of rare intelligence.

The thing I am most afraid of in life is failure and my favorite food is cheese. No, chocolate, OK! It’s cheese, chocolate and let’s throw red wine in there too. Sheesh!  My natural hair color is brown but thanks to wanton hair experimentation most of my life I have also been referred to as a red head and even a blond – Gasp. I fold toilet paper, don’t scrunch it and I have definitely loved someone so much it made me cry. My favorite flower is a peonny and my favorite ice cream is Lady Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry which I can not get where I live – thank goodness. I failed my driver’s license test once and often cry during Hallmark commercials but in general I’m not a big weeper. I love the sound of spring songbirds and the sparkle of sun on snow. For me, the greatest tragedy would be to live a life unexamined!

I am glad you are here. Come join the fun!


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    April 2, 2012

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